Ditching Medium for Substack Part 1

Let’s start the ownership revolution.

I’ve been studying David Perell’s Ultimate Guide To Writing Online and it’s convinced me to switch over to Substack.

Why? The main and now very obvious reason is that I don’t own any of the relationships with my readers. Medium gives me no email list which means I am at the mercy of this platform.

This is only part 1. Next step is to completely own my content by transitioning from Substack to my personal website. I don’t have time to build a website right now (too busy building Stormx.io so we can get mass adoption of crypto moving). But, eventually I’ll get my own domain, a word press site and hopefully migrate everyone over.

The other helpful insight David gives is how Twitter can be a massive source of traffic. He explains this best in his hour long podcast with Matthew Kobach.

Here’s a few other quick takeaways:

  1. If you don’t know what to post then curate the best content from you favorite follows
  2. Format your tweets so they are quick reads. Use the comments section.
  3. Focus on quantity so you can find your voice and test it out faster. But you have to have a minimum bar for quality. Otherwise you’re just spamming.
  4. Your Twitter is your lighthouse for your like minded people

My personal motivation for this move also stems from why I care so much about crypto — real ownership. We’ll soon be in a world where you are your own bank and one day your own platform. No one will be able to de-platform you.

You can find my Stack here https://alexhidalgo.substack.com/ and now you can read it from the convenience of your email when you subscribe 🥳