Many of our shared experiences in quarantine leave us feeling disconnected, cooped up, or isolated, to put it lightly. Masses flock to various online communities, social video games, binge watch via Watch Party on Amazon Video, and more to satisfy our basic human needs.

I found one community, in particular…

I know what you’re thinking — another token (just what we need), hype, fear, greed, here hold my $BAGS.

Lets unleash another social token rug pull by some anon dev claiming 100% fair launch while vampire mining another decentralized anon running proof of mom’s pudding 🍦 running on a single…

Reminder: I’ve moved over to Substack.

Why is Bitcoin so expensive?

Thats easy! There is a strong demand and a fixed supply of bitcoin 😜

Now the hard part! Why now? 🤔

There are many narratives when it comes to explaining why bitcoin is doing as well as it is.
- FOMO and Greed
- Disruptive technology

Tokenized communities just like their non-tokenized counterparts can suffer from lower user engagement. Many token holders buy the token once and fall back into an observer only mentality 👻

Why is this a bad thing?

The entire point of a community is for members to help each other accomplish a grand vision. To change the world…

  1. Free and amazing networking tool that sets you up to be an authority on a subject
  2. Forces you to deeply learn whatever it is you are writing about and then explain it simply
  3. Improves your ability to persuade and inform in general. We use these skill every day in our…

Alex Hidalgo

Principal Product Manager @StormX

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