Many of our shared experiences in quarantine leave us feeling disconnected, cooped up, or isolated, to put it lightly. Masses flock to various online communities, social video games, binge watch via Watch Party on Amazon Video, and more to satisfy our basic human needs.

I found one community, in particular, helped me connect with my friends while being physical. They call it Dance Church.

Dance Church Dance Team!

Dance Church is a donation-based dance workout party 💃 💪 🥳 where anyone can join to cut loose and boogie down. The video production focuses on a few professional dancers out of NYC, SEA, LA, INDY…

I know what you’re thinking — another token (just what we need), hype, fear, greed, here hold my $BAGS.

Lets unleash another social token rug pull by some anon dev claiming 100% fair launch while vampire mining another decentralized anon running proof of mom’s pudding 🍦 running on a single node run by single point failure company XYZ running on Jeff B’s AWS.

It’s just an idea guys check it out 😅

One thing I’ve learned about online communities is how powerful the network effect is, but on the other edge of the blade within a short amount of time…

Reminder: I’ve moved over to Substack.

Why is Bitcoin so expensive?

Thats easy! There is a strong demand and a fixed supply of bitcoin 😜

Now the hard part! Why now? 🤔

There are many narratives when it comes to explaining why bitcoin is doing as well as it is.
- FOMO and Greed
- Disruptive technology
- Macroeconomic trends

First off, humans are greedy. You and I included — no exceptions. When we see others doing well we feel a strong pull to mimic their actions in the hopes of doing just as well or even better. This is also known as FOMO or…

REMINDER: We’re moving our blog to so make sure you check back to find more new content.

Hey Stormers!

Things are looking up 💪 and it’s time we loop you in on the first half of our roadmap for 2021 🗺


REMINDER: We’re moving our blog to so make sure you check back to find more new content.

The smart contract that supported our STORM => STMX is now at the end of its final migration. The swap has been closed for many months now, but with the termination of the underlying contract, the un-swapped tokens are finally migrated to the user pool.

The remaining tokens are being migrated to maintain the same total supply as the previous token, the contract has automatically moved any un-swapped tokens to a StormX reserve wallet 0x42be5b30a32ebf7f43c16c7f5f7550ab5b1b65db so that the total supply of STMX…

REMINDER: We’re moving our blog to so make sure you check back to find more new content.

App Update iOS v8.7.2 Android — v4.7.2 iOS — Chrome Button 1.8.6

We’ve just released a new extension and mobile app update! Here’s what to expect.

💰 Buy bitcoin, ethereum and other popular tokens in the More Tab. Powered by MoonPay!

📱 You can now enter your referral code instead of just using the link.

📝 History view shows store logos so its easier to find your recent shopping trips.

🚫 Old referral system has been turned off so now we can focus solely on the awesome $1,000 referral program!

Store icons in the history view

Great news! 📣 The early incentive program for staking has been a smashing success.

We originally launched with 50% p.a. and have been winding down this massive rate on an almost weekly basis. The reason for lowering the rate is obvious :) This is an incentive for early adopters of our utility token STMX which empowers users to earn more when they shop online 🛍

We’ll be continuing the rate change this Sunday January 17th, 2020 at 00:00 midnight GMT +0 (also known as midnight UK time). The next rate is 27.5% …

Let’s start the ownership revolution.

I’ve been studying David Perell’s Ultimate Guide To Writing Online and it’s convinced me to switch over to Substack.

Why? The main and now very obvious reason is that I don’t own any of the relationships with my readers. Medium gives me no email list which means I am at the mercy of this platform.

This is only part 1. Next step is to completely own my content by transitioning from Substack to my personal website. I don’t have time to build a website right now (too busy building so we can get mass…

Tokenized communities just like their non-tokenized counterparts can suffer from lower user engagement. Many token holders buy the token once and fall back into an observer only mentality 👻

Why is this a bad thing?

The entire point of a community is for members to help each other accomplish a grand vision. To change the world in direction they see fit. The token helps align their visions, but that is not enough. Simply buying a token cannot be a proxy for real community engagement. In fact, a non-tokenized community that is well engaged will always beat out a tokenized community that is only somewhat engaged. …

  1. Free and amazing networking tool that sets you up to be an authority on a subject
  2. Forces you to deeply learn whatever it is you are writing about and then explain it simply
  3. Improves your ability to persuade and inform in general. We use these skill every day in our work and personal lives

I’ve only been blogging for a few weeks now and its already paying off. No, I don’t have 1m followers and no, I am not an authority on any subject matter yet — but its already changing how I communicate over slack and email. Its already changing my relationship with writing and its already helping me organize the 1m ideas that bounce around in my head. They’ll one day become useful as future blogs or ideas to implement at work or as a side project with friends.

Alex Hidalgo

Principal Product Manager @StormX

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